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architectural | engineering | construction


  • land imaging and mapping for preliminary design analysis

  • generate elevation and contour maps

  • RTK and GNSS equipment with a high level of precision

  • pre-construction mapping for site logistic plans

  • mapping and imagery for supplemental bidding information

  • accurate linear, sf, and volumetric measurements from imagery

  • quickly audit cut/fill, stock piles, or stored/placed materials

  • progress imagery and documentation for project teams and owners

  • track project timeline with mapping and images

  • overlay time periods for analysis

  • overlay architectural plans on as-built conditions 

  • inspections, particularly in hard to view areas

  • as-built documentation 

  • construction defect and claim documentation 

  • expert analysis of data for informed decisions

  • interior 360 imagery for virtual walkthroughs and digital record

  • compelling 2D and 3D deliverables for technical and non-technical stakeholders

  • point cloud outputs for integration with CAD, BIM, VDC

  • 3d Digital Twin as a project deliverable

  • See many of these in action on the portfolio page


  • thermal imaging, inspections, analysis

  • building envelope consulting based on thermal analysis

aggregates graphic

aggregates, stockpiles, quarries


  • accurate 2D maps and 3D models of entire operation

  • elevation, topography, contour data

  • volumetric, area, perimeter calculations of stockpiles and landscapes

  • monitor and track changes in volumes and quantities over time

  • classify and label materials for filtering and analysis

  • generate detailed reports with cost data for quick decisions and informed inventory management.

  • access data on an intuitive and collaborative platform

  • generate accurate documentation for regulatory compliance and environmental assessments




  • environmental asset mapping 

  • inspections for health analysis of ecosystems 

  • track environmental conditions over time

  • RTK and GNSS equipment with a high level precision

  • document baseline requirements for land trusts

  • document and assess disturbances from infestations or fires. 

  • measure biomass

  • watershed analysis

  • habitat delineation

  • mapping for land use classification

  • ecological restoration and reparian mapping

  • compelling 2D and 3D deliverables for technical and non-technical stakeholders 

  • promotional content to aid in preservation efforts


  • thermal imaging for building envelope analysis

  • building envelope consulting based on thermal analysis


agriculture | viticulture


  • aerial mapping

  • elevation and contour maps with a high level accuracy

  • high-resolution imagery and maps providing detailed views of your entire operation

  • GIS analysis providing deep insights and dashboards for informed management. 

  • 3D elevation maps 

  • accurately measure biomass 

  • crop health inspections 

  • vigor analysis

  • canopy assessments 

  • irrigation inspections and analysis

  • plot and land planning


  • multispectral imaging


critical infrastructure


  • high precision / high definition inspection data

  • 2D maps, 3D models, and dense point cloud deliverables 

  • 3D digital twins for condition assessments 

  • asset tracking over time

  • digital platform to host, measure, annotate, track, and collaborate 

  • actionable data for capitol planning, maintenance needs, and informed decisions

  • integration with AI engines to superpower analysis


private, public, institution


  • property aerial mapping

  • RTK and GNSS equipment with high level precision

  • elevation and contour mapping

  • 2D and 3D models

  • digital twins

  • engaging 2D and 3D mapping to share with prospective buyers

  • non-technical deliverables for all to consume 

  • cemetery mapping and database management

  • asset (environmental and built) 2D and 3D mapping

  • asset Inspections

  • grounds Inspections and health analysis 

  • use of digital twin to track assets over time

  • use of digital twin for capitol planning

  • use of digital twin for facilities management

  • immersive 3D models for employee training

  • immersive 3D models for exploration by potential users of spaces 

  • interior 3D imagery and walk-through experience


  • thermal imaging for building envelope analysis

  • strategic scope-specific partnerships to offer turn-key analysis of assets




  • aerial inspections and documentation

  • lifelike 3D digital recreations of damaged assets

  • digital twin for insurance documentation 

  • software platforms meeting ISO 27001 information security 


  • thermal imagining, inspections, and analysis

geographic information systems (GIS)


  • create data-driven layers to inform many aspects of your business operations

  • work with existing GIS databases and bring in high resolution aerial imagery and 3D layers

  • perform analysis across multiple business and data inputs

  • create dashboards for different teams to interact with the data

  • create feature and base layers with drone maps (orthomosaics)

  • quickly and accurately digitize features from drone map

  • establish control across sites

  • work in GIS software to compliment or add data 

  • with a GNSS receiver, collect features within cm accuracy

  • from drone map, export shapefiles, csv, GeoJSON, or GeoTiff for use in GIS software


As a 26 year construction professional, we provide expert consulting services to the AEC industry as well as businesses looking to implement drones, drone mapping, and reality capture into their operations.  From pre-construction services, to equipment and software, to regulatory and safety considerations, we will be your partner in exploring options, creating robust operating procedures, and ensuring your program delivers results. Our services included:  

  • Design assist for architects, engineers, and designers

  • Design-build integration

  • Pre-construction services for both architects and contractors

  • Pilot training

  • Photography essentials

  • Software selection and training

  • Hardware selection and training

  • Mission planning for optimal results

  • Understanding and analyzing the data

  • Progress monitoring best practices

  • Written procedures 


Contact us today to harness the power of drones in your operations.

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