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our work


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Digital Twins

Reality Capture/Digital Twins

Highly detailed and accurate digital replicas

see a few samples below and view more on our NIRA Public Gallery Page

with mouse - zoom in and out with scroller ball, left click & hold to orbit, right click & hold to pan

double click anywhere on model to center focus

mobile device -  pinch - zoom and rotate in 3D with 2 fingers

more navigation tips at this Youtube Video

Sample Roof Inspection

Chimney Stack Inspection

Train Trestle Inspection

Centennial Mills Building



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use cases

Use Cases

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Opal Creek Ancient Forestry Center

In 2022 Aerial Ethos helped the Opal Creek Ancient Forestry Center quantify hundreds of cubic yards of debris left over from the devastating 2020 Santiem Forest Fires in order to secure FEMA funding.

Large Estate Home

Aerial Ethos helped a large custom home builder map their existing grades, creating an accurate  topo map, to help manage the placement of large amounts of stockpiles. 

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Senior Living Campus Mapping

Aerial Ethos worked to modernize a senior living campus map by capturing an accurate, high resolution 2D and 3D map of the entire campus to serve as a base layer for GIS analysis.

Hillside Foundation

A complicated hillside foundation needed an accurate way to verify  squareness and proper placement.  A drone map and architectural overlay addressed the challenge. 

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