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industries served

architectural | engineering | construction

With over 26 years of direct experience in the AEC industries, Aerial Ethos has unique insights across the built environment. The benefits aerial imagery, 2D/3D data, and expert analysis brings to project teams, pays huge dividends.  We bring safety knowledge and awareness to our operations along with a deep understanding of design, BIM, engineering, and construction which opens up the full potential of aerial mapping. Read more below to see all of our services. 

agriculture | viticulture

Drones can cover large areas in a short amount of time giving immediate feedback into your agricultural and viticulture operations.  From crop health, to elevation and contour data, maps and inspections can help you analyze, monitor, and plan for optimal crop management, irrigation strategies, and yield.  Bring multiple layers of data into a Geographic Information System (GIS) and gain data-driven insights for informed decision making.  Check out all of the services below.


Aerial Ethos is committed and highly motivated to protecting our natural wonders and resources. Whether it is mapping sensitive environmental areas, documenting ecological restoration projects, working with land trust managers, or creating compelling content for land preservation, we will work along side your organization to help make a difference.

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aggregates and quarries

We work with multiple industries dealing in aggregates, stockpiles, and quarry operations to quickly, safely, and accurately audit materials and landscape changes.  Whether you are a concrete batch plant, granary, quarry, or large recycling yard, monitoring your materials with frequent and accurate data will lead to better decision making and operational efficiency. 

cinematic, photography, marketing

Our skilled drone pilots and creative input, can turn any idea into an engaging, eye-popping experience.  Whether it is complimenting a ground based production, leading an independent production, or capturing a beautiful photo from the sky, aerial ethos can add a richness of material for your audience.  From documentaries to marketing, we are here to collaborate and bring a unique perspective to your project. See our portfolio page for recent projects and photos.

private, public, institutions

Whether you are a private land owner, forest manager, rancher, developer, or an institution, we can provide valuable and engaging insight into your land, forest, ranch, or campus.

We work with large and small owners and businesses to map their assets, creating powerful insights into planning, logistics, operations, and maintenance.  


The insurance sector is poised to be one of the next major industries to utilize aerial photography and 3D reconstruction to aid in insurance claims and documentation.  See our suggested services below.

critical infrastructure

The critical infrastructure sector has found many uses for aerial imagery, mapping, and digital twins.  With inspections and condition assessments being critical to operational efficiency, compliance, and safety, drones provide highly accurate data in  a fraction of the time and cost of traditional acquisition methods.  We bring the expertise and security protocols to deliver high quality imagery and digital twins to asses and track your assets over time.​

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